Monday, September 2, 2013

A change is needed. We all know that change is hard. This big old educational institution won't get changed in a day. I heard something I liked the other day. Disrupt education. Most of the time, as teachers we don't like the 'disruptors' we see them as troublemakers and annoyances to our 'lesson plan'. But it is time to disrupt the educational path. Maybe quietly at first, but we need to connect and find like-minded rabble-rousers to make a change. We have classrooms full of children where an education is going to be the ONLY way they change the path of their lives. But we have to give them the education that will change the world, not the antiquated one that stifles and squashes potential and creativity. If a man like Nelson Mandela can make such a bold proclamation, given the circumstances he survived in, then surly we can begin to disrupt the status quo here.

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